Intellectual Property lawyers with applied knowledge in science and technology.

Our lawyers apply their varied technical and scientific training in addressing the legal issues involved in drafting and prosecuting patent applications and in representing clients throughout the patent process.

At Delio, Peterson & Curcio our clients are actively involved in leading industries covering technical fields as diverse as water filtration, telecommunications, manufacturing, firearms, and the life sciences.

Our attorneys have diverse educational backgrounds to address these areas with academic degrees covering a variety of complex technical fields.

As a result, our clients are represented by attorneys who possess a wealth of legal experience within these technical areas.


+Mechanical Engineering
Delio, Peterson & Curcio’s broad experience in mechanical engineering covers a wide range of industries including: the automotive industry, lock systems; weaponry; printing equipment; industrial equipment; aerospace and defense; consumer goods; medical devices; robotics; and textiles.
+Electrical Engineering
Our patent practice often extends to complex issues in electrical engineering. For example, our lawyers have long been actively engaged in the following fields: signal processing; telecommunications; satellites; semiconductor processing and manufacturing; computers; cellular technologies; cell phones; and consumer electronics.
Software is best defined as the programs used to direct the operation of a computer, as well as documentation giving instructions on how to use them. Our lawyers are experienced in an array of software technologies with particular emphasis on medical diagnostics and treatments, devices, systems, methods, processing techniques, and imaging as well as wireless communication devices and systems, semiconductor circuits, and GPS vehicle tracking.
+Business Methods
This type of patent protection concerns the processes involved in carrying out a concrete system of doing, conducting or transacting business. For example, computer implemented methods for doing business are types of business method patents. Because of their novelty and complexity, these patents take longer to prosecute than other patents. Moreover, recent court decisions have made these cases much more difficult to prosecute. One must provide proof that the abstract idea has been practically applied.
+Chemical Engineering
Our lawyers have applied their expertise in this field of engineering to a wide range of allied technologies including: pharmaceuticals; nanotechnology; fuel cells; plastics and polymers; semiconductors; metallurgy; materials science; and food engineering.
Delio, Peterson & Curcio continues to be involved in providing patent protection in virtually all aspects of drug and formulation development for oral, injectable, topical and inhalation therapies for the pharmaceutical industry. In the process, Delio, Peterson & Curcio has represented leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, generic drug companies, universities, and researchers within this specialized field.